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Is it true that your skin improves the day after drinking?
Beauty Fact Check [Eye Patch]

Skin condition improves the day after drinking?!

What's the truth? Find out on the first eye patch story!

Ask anything to IOPE, the beauty expert.
We will answer your questions with accurately fact checked information!

We're getting a lot of these questions nowadays.
My skin looks better the day after drinking!
Is alcohol good for our skin?
This is a topic that’s becoming popular due to comments from famous stars.

The comment that says your skin improves the day after drinking...
Could this be true?
Let’s find out through an experiment!

We recruited two people for the experiment.
One person has an urban beauty,while the other has an adorable charm!
We checked the state of their skin before drinking.

In firmness, skin tone, and skin texture, both of the participants are equally good!
Now, let’s go drinking!

Drink, drink, and drink some more! Okay, let’s slow down...
Wow..... These girls sure can drink!
Huh? You’re going to drink straight from the bottle?
Hey, this is an experiment, right?

Oh no... I knew this would happen...
7 hours later...

Wake up! Wake up!
Open your eyes and wash your face!
How long were you asleep?

It’s the producer’s fault...

Each person checks their own face.
One person seems happy with their face, but the other seems unsatisfied.
Why do they feel differently?

IOPE Researcher Hyeon-Seo Kang
It’s because they’re bloated.
It’s not because their skin improved.
Just because there’s temporary bloating effect, this doesn’t mean you skin is healthier.

The actual effect of alcohol, based on a study from our lab that was conducted on men, pores become enlarged, skin tone becomes more dull, and skin texture becomes more rough.

There is a claim that a bit of alcohol is good for our health, but most people understand that it’s harmful.

Moreover, because it weakens our skin’s immunity, it can give way to various skin infections such as acne.

Beauty question of the day!
Your skin improves the day after drinking alcohol?!
The results?

[Eye Patch] Is it true that your skin improves the day after drinking?

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