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IOPE SKINCARE DERMA REPAIR SKIN WATER - 7-skin method, water skin
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Speedy soothing convergence toner that contains calcium ions in the skin to keep skin moist.

  • 200ml
  • Day/Night


  1. 1

    Abundant hydration and skin soothing care

    Contains calcium ions, which already exist in the skin, that quickly soothe the skin with a water-like texture that while supplying abundant hydration.

  2. 2

    Cypress tree extracts, a plant derived soothing ingredient

    Strengthens the skin while soothing the skin to reach a state of comfort.

  3. 3

    10-free formula

    A non-irritating, mild formula that’s free from 10 ingredients such as parabens, animal ingredients, fragrances, colorants, and PEG surfactants.

  4. 4

    Skin suitability testing completed

    Complete 3 thorough tests including a dermatology test, allergy test, and eye irritation replacement test.


Researcher Eun-Bi Ko

For over 3 years, the IOPE LAB has measured skin from over 3,000 people and performed meticulous analyses in order to create cosmetics that are suitable for sensitive skin that reacts to the slightest irritation. We understood that many people suffer from concerns related to sensitive skin (dryness, dead skin cells, etc.), and through research on products that can be safely used on sensitive skin, we finally developed a product line that offers sensitive solutions.

Product Features/Functions




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  • SENSITIVE CARE (applied)

Cypress Tree Leaf Extract

A plant derived, soothing ingredient in IOPE’s Derma Repair line that strengthens the skin while soothing the skin to help it reach a state of comfort.

  • Cold Maceration

    Cypress tree leaves are extracted in cold water for one day (18℃, 24hr)

  • Extraction with another solution

    After cold maceration, the liquid is extracted with another solution for one more day (4℃, 24hr)

  • Freeze drying

    Effective ingredients are obtained through freeze drying at extremely low temperatures

10-free formula

A non-irritating, mild formula that’s free from 10 ingredients such as parabens, animal ingredients, fragrances, colorants, and PEG surfactants.

  1. 1 Parabens-Free
  2. 2 Animal-originated ingredients-Free
  3. 3 Colorants-Free
  4. 4 Fragrances-Free
  5. 5 Mineral oil-Free
  6. 6 Polyacrylamides-Free
  7. 7 Imidazolidinyl urea-Free
  8. 8 Triethanolamine-Free
  9. 9 Silicone-Free
  10. 10 Surfactants containing PEG-Free

Skin suitability testing completed

This product has undergone 3 thorough tests so that you can feel reassured during use.

  • Dermatology testing completed

    This test checks for any basic abnormal reactions on the skin.

    The dermatology test is a closed test over 48 hours that checks for abnormal skin reactions by conducting a tests at 48 hours and 72 hours.

  • Allergy testing completed

    This test involves using the actual product to verify that the product is mild and non-irritating.

    Since cosmetics are products that are used over long periods of time and are often non-irritating, there are sometimes cases where abnormal reactions cannot be observed with just a primary skin irritation test. Therefore, this test checks for abnormal skin reactions through accumulated irritation testing via repeated exposure.

  • Eye irritation replacement test

    This test checks if the product irritates the eyes.

    It looks for any abnormal reactions after applying the product on fertile chicken eggs to check for eye irritation.


A lightweight and refreshing water toner.


  1. STEP 1

    In the morning and evening, take a suitable amount onto hands during the first stage of skincare after cleansing, then spread evenly across the face.

  2. STEP 2

    Tap lightly to help the product absorb.


  • Purified water, propanediol, glycerin, chamaecyparis obtusa leaf extract, calcium pantetheine sulfonate, betaine, trehalose, 1,2-hexanediol, butylene glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, disodium EDTA