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IOPE LAB is the origin of the
IOPE brand and a space
where we conduct research on skin,
material, and science.
Ever since IOPE was born in 1996,
‘IOPE Innovators’
have been ceaselessly
challenging research

to produce innovative outcomes
and special assets.
Lab Spirit

Research spirit to

change skin future

The challenging research spirit of
IOPE has been demonstrated
by innovative and independent
technologies and patents.

  • Intense
    research process

    IOPE conducts intense research
    throughout all processes, ranging
    from skin to material and science.

  • In-depth skin research

    We deliver effective and safe ingredients
    to your skin by analyzing actual skin
    and developing differentiated technologies.

  • Tailored solutions
    for customers

    Tailored solutions change your skin
    future by taking into account various
    skin concerns and innate skin traits.

essence & benefit

Skin Future Lab

IOPE LAB is a space where customers can meet IOPE Innovators in person.
Customers can explore their skin solutions or get suggestions
for the optimal solution based on the analysis of Innovators.
Also, our Innovators gain inspirations for new research ideas
and seek opportunities to come up with even better solutions.

iope Innovator

Tailored solutions
for customers

Iope lab

Provision of diverse
research opportunities