IOPE Air Cushion®, a revolutionary item and the first of its kind

IOPE Air Cushion®, a revolutionary item and the first of its kind

IOPE Air Cushion® has revolutionized makeup trends and has truly earned a name for itself in the cosmetics industry. IOPE Air Cushion®, a cushion-type foundation with sun protection and the first of its kind in the market, has changed the way in which women use cosmetics. This major innovation combines the functions of both makeup and UV protection simultaneously through the inventive product design, which is use to use and simplifies the makeup process. To this day, IOPE Air Cushion® is leading the cushion foundation category and innovations in the beauty industry. Air Cushion® is IOPE’s No. 1 best seller that is beloved by many consumers.

Achievements of IOPE Air Cushion®

  • 4
    1 Product Sold Every

    4 Seconds
    Sales from January 1 to
    December 31, 2014
  • 20M
    Over 20 Million
    Units Sold
    Accumulated sales from
    March 1,
    2008 to

    January 31, 2015
  • $200M
    Over USD $200M in

    revenue in 2014
    Sales from January 1 to

    December 31, 2014

History of IOPE Air Cushion®

  • April 2013 Air Cushion® XP
    Made with Mineral Water XP and Siberian Peptide 6 Selection for
    moisturized, radiant and smooth skin all day long
    Long-lasting effects for over 12 hours, certified through clinical trials
    (including wrinkle care effect)
  • February 2012 Air Cushion® Sunblock EX Cover
    Developed to provide complete coverage for spotless skin with a
    natural finish, in addition to delivering the original 4-in-1 effects of
    Air Cushion® Sunblock EX
  • March 2010 Air Cushion® Sunblock EX
    Enhanced moisturizing and cooling effects with hydro mineral water
    and stronger UV protection
  • March 2008 Air Cushion® Sunblock
    The first cushion-type sunscreen and foundation of its kind,
    developed with the cell-trap technology to contain sunscreen
    and foundation with brightening and cooling effects in a

Awards & Nominations

  • SURE Beauty Awards
    December 2013 SURE Beauty Awards
    No. 1 Revenue-Generating Cosmetics in
    Shopping Malls
    No. 1 Revenue-Generating Cosmetics in
    Shopping Channels
    No. 2 Best-Selling Cosmetics in
    Online Shopping Malls
    No. 2 Best-Selling Cosmetics in the Mass Retail
    Category in Online Shopping Malls
  • Cosmo Beauty Awards
    December 2013 Cosmo Beauty Awards
    Best UV Protector
    Best Social Media Product
  • October 2013 Allure Beauty Award
    No. 1 Cushion Foundation
January IR52 Jang Young-sil Award
(Maeil Business and Korea Industrial
December Next-Generation World Class Product of Korea
(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
August Best-Selling Cosmetic Brand for the First Half of 2013
(Woman Dong-A)
July Best-Selling Cushion Foundation, National Beauty
(Woman Chosun)
June Best Seller for the First Half of 2013
(Maeil Business)

Grand Prix, Korea’s Premium Brand for the First Half
of 2013
(Hankooki Economy)

Best Seller for the First Half of 2013
(Hankooki Economy and Maeil Business)
May Hankooki Economy Best Seller for the First Half of
(Hankooki Economy)
January No. 1 Makeup Base of 2012 picked by Kantar
Worldpanel Korea
(Daily Cosmetics, Financial News, e-Daily, e-Today
and Sports Chosun)
December Award of Excellence, Korea Technology Awards
No. 1 Sunscreen, Hot-Issue Beauty Item of 2012
September GS Watson’s No. 2 Best Seller
(Woman Chosun)
Korea’s Best of Best
(Women Sense)
August Airy Force (Testers’ Pick) Award
July Must-Have Product for July
May 10 Best Sunscreen Products
(Women’s Joongang)
January Korea Technology Innovation Management Award

Consumer Reviews

  • <Beauty Specialist>
    Gyeong Hwa Park
    “I have used products of different brands that are similar to Air Cushion®, but only IOPE Air Cushion® gives me moisturized and naturally radiant skin with UV protection at once. Although the newly launched Air Cushion® has a lighter texture and provides natural finish, its moisturizing and long-lasting effects are still the best! It is the secret to my radiant skin─something I get complimented on the most.”
  • <Living Sense> Reporter
    Si Woong Kim
    “When Air Cushion® was first launched, many reporters were amazed by the product’s stamp-like texture. It instantly became a must-have item for Asian women to carry in their cosmetic bags. You would frequently see women use Air Cushion® at events or when hanging out with friends. Because of its convenient use and beautiful makeup looks, Air Cushion® is considered as an item that can be used all year-round. Using the special puff for a light application can give you natural-looking, moisturized and radiant skin, which is highly sought after today. The newly upgraded Air Cushion® XP Shimmer is truly the perfect item for me as I am not a fan of thick makeup. Even when I am hard-pressed to meet deadlines, I can maintain an excellent skin complexion with just Air Cushion®, as it helps me perfect naturally moisturized skin with three-dimensional radiance.
  • Kang Hyeon’s
    I love IOPE Air Cushion® XP because it keeps my skin moist and radiant all day long!”
  • Something
    “My skin is prone to drying and needs moisture and radiance… IOPE Air Cushion® XP Natural is the perfect product for me ♥.”
  • Woo Ri Han
    “The specially deisgned puff retains moisture, and I liked that I was able to smoothly apply the product on my skin with the puff.”
  • Chocolat
    “Because of the cooling effect, I will definitely use Air Cushion® XP in summer, when the temperature tends to rise. *.*”


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