Chapter 1 __Needs

Skin Concern of 30-40 Women of Korea, Regeneration

Chapter 2 __Trend

About Functional Anti-Aging Cosmetic Products

Chapter 3 __Solution

Stem III Developed Through IOPE Research

Chapter 4 __Review

Real Reviews of Stem III Customers



Chapter 1


Skin Concern of 30-40 Women of Korea, Regeneration

I wished it would not happen to me

Nobody can resist the power of time, but every woman wishes it would not happen to her. Your skin began to feel the passage of time. Pillow marks do not fade away for a long time after you wake up, and your skin is crumbly and dull whenever you sleep fitfully. Fine wrinkles are settling down around the eyes and lips when you look into the mirror. All of these symptoms suggest the start of skin aging.


Moment of feeling skin aging

Skin aging means poor regeneration. Regeneration refers to the power of recovering original skin conditions from various irritations experienced in daily life, such as pillow marks, fatigue, and wrinkles formed by the movement of facial muscles.

When IOPE asked 800 Korean women in their 30s and 40s, over half (50.5%) of respondents in their early 30s starting to feel skin aging said they realized aging of skin from poor skin regeneration. Also, the no.1 symptom of skin aging selected by 30-40 women was poor skin regeneration (41.1%).


Regeneration decides skin age

There is no exception to aging, but the speed of aging variesS. ome people of the same age boast young-looking face as if time has stopped, while otherso lok as old as if they lived twice as long. The difference comes from skin regeneration. Ou rbodies have a regeneration system that generates and eliminates about 50 million cells ina second. that generates and eliminates about 50 million cells in a second. It is the samefo r skin. Cells formed in the innermost basal layer of the epidermis are slowly pushed out to the upper layer and reach the outermost horny layer. It takes 28 days for them to die and fall out. This process is known as the skin regeneration cycle. The regeneration cycle is increased by aging, external conditions, and stress. Our skin cannot recover easily from small irritations and damages, leading to aging phenomena such as sagging, wrinkles, blemishes, and troubles. In other words, the age of skin or degree of skin aging is determined by skin regeneration of each individual.

* Based on a survey on consumer perception about anti-aging (online research, n=800)

All 3040




What was the first aging symptom you experienced?

“Poor skin regeneration”

Factors that accelerate skin aging



Lack of sleep


Body aging


* Based on a survey on consumer perception about anti-aging (online research, n=800)

Behind the daily life of ‘pretty mother who buys me food’

‘Pretty mother who buys me food’ was a leading consumption trend keyword in 2019. It is no longer time that mothers are forced to give up everything and sacrifice for the family. Nowadays, 30-40 women of Korea are very busy to keep going with work, home, self-development, and leisure. Behind such busy daily life are various factors that weaken skin regeneration. These factors include stress of the body and mind, lack of sleep, fine dust, and passage of time…. All of these are the biggest enemies of pretty mothers that incite skin aging.

Skin loves deep sleep



Do you think lack of sleep accelerated aging of skin


“I have irregular sleeping hours and shallow sleep because of being a working mom. It feels as if my skin is getting old faster than friends. I have more fine wrinkles too.”

34 years old, office worker

* Based on a survey on consumer perception about anti-aging (online research, n=800)


Professional procedure and care


Healthy life


Basic cosmetic care

Moment of feeling skin regeneration

By category _ Basic cosmetic care (30.0%) > Healthy lifestyle (27.3%) > Professional procedure and care (18.9%)

Individual _ Deep sleep (22.9%) > After using pack (12.8%) > After using cream/serum (5.8%)

Chapter 2


About Functional Anti-Aging Cosmetic Products

Golden time for skin regeneration

Golden time refers to the limited time during which a patent can be saved when hovering between life and death. There is golden time for regeneration of skin that began to age. Anti-aging is essential for people in their 30s when they start to feel aging of skin, particularly for most women around 35 years of age who lose skin firmness because of marriage and childbirth! Innate skin may be important for shiny beauty of 20s, but beauty after 40s is determined by skincare

Late 20s

Aging perceived


Early 30s

Poor regeneration and recovery


Early 30s

Aging care begins

Visible aging symptoms appear

Poor complexion


Around 35

Perceived seriously

Increased wrinkles

Late 30s

Sagging, drooping

Age of using functional anti-aging product for the first time

*Based on a survey on consumer perception about anti-aging (online research, n=800)

Unit (%)

Early 20s


Late 20s


Early 30s


Late 30s


Early 40s


Late 40s


Reason for starting to use

After feeling aging skin in person


In fear of future aging, though aging has not been felt yet


Magical first momentwith antiaging cosmetic products

Anti-aging care is an active and positive lifestyle of contemporary women who cope with the natural phenomenon called aging. They think about when and how to start anti-aging care, taking the lead in returning their past and finding future changes. Functional anti-aging cosmetic products are an anti-aging care method that can be practiced by women in everyday life.

Based on a survey conducted by IOPE, over half (62.3%) of 30-40 women in Korea first used a functional anti-aging cosmetic product between late 20s and early 30s. Primary reasons for using anti-aging products were feeling the start of skin aging (36.3%) and prevention of future aging (219.%).

Concern about method _ Form

Using now VS Want to use

Unit (%)









Mask pack


Form of anti-aging product used now

* Bas ed on a survey on consumer perception about anti-aging (online research, n=800)

Most instant effect




Mask pack






Most effective form

Expected form of anti-aging product

Ampoule, close yet so far

What does it mean for someone to be using essence or serum but hoping for the effects of ampoule? IOPE conducted an in-depth comparison survey on essence, serum, and ampoule to find the solution to this question

As a result, 30-40 women understood essence, serum, and ampoule to be the same in terms of thin and light feelings of use, layering of multiple layers, and seasonless use. However , they recognized ampoule relatively as a form appropriate for SOS care to resolve skin troubles of individuals instead of daliy care because of the intense image as a concentrated, specific, professional, and expensive product. This image probably acted as a threshold preventing them from using ampoule, despite their anticipation.


How 3040 women use ampoule

“Ampoule is an emergency cosmetic product to me. I mix a few drops of ampoule with the basic care product for a few days before an important event or busy schedule. I can feel the effects soon because ampoule is concentrated. People around me often ask if I went to a skincare shop.”

37 years old, working mom

“I have thin and sensitive skin. I stuck to relatively light essence for anti-aging. I started to feel that essence is not enough as I got closer to 40s. I changed to ampoule because cream feels too heavy. Ampoule has a highly functional effect like cream while spreading as lightly and absorbing as quickly as essence.”

41 years old, housewife

* Based on the result of consumer FGD related to anti-aging ampoule

Small volume


Periodic use

Specific features


Concentrated (compressed)

Fills up shortage of skin




4-season care


Daily care

Comparison of perception about ampoule and essence

Chapter 3


Stem III Developed Through IOPE Research

Keyword of skin regeneration

IOPE Lab is the skin research institute IOPE. IOPE Lab accumulated and analyzed big data from skin measurement and genetic testing on about 5,000 women to provide optimal solutions appropriate for various skin concerns. We discovered a common skin concern of 30-40 women in South Korea.

Women’s skin became sensitive to stress because of busy daily life surrounded by childcare, work, and fine dust. As aging began, they became unable to recover even mild skin irritations and started to experience skin sagging, wrinkles, freckles, and spots.

IOPE extracted ‘skin regeneration’ as the anti-aging solution keyword for 30-40 women.

Paying attention to common features of scar and aging

Scars are created by various events in our lives. Women can have scars after a Caesarean operation. Contractubex is a ‘popular ointment of Germany’ used to take care of deep scars from burn and bruise. This ointment is very famous among mothers in Korea, and it is also the favorite product used by researchers of IOPE. This ointment provided a clue to Stem III Ampoule.

If traces left by wounds are scars, should wrinkles caused by skin aging also be considered as scars?

Research showed that scars and aging symptoms have a similar recovery process. Though they have different type of dent, the dented part is filled up by collagen after a while. The regeneration process involved returning of damaged cells. IOPE tried to turn core ingredients of a scar ointment into skin regenerating ingredients based on the mechanism of recovering scars.

Skin regenerating ingredient taken from scar ointment

Our challenge was not easy. After hundreds of failures, IOPE succeeded to apply core ingredients of Contractubex, allantoin and Cepae soft extract, to cosmetic products. Allanto complex is the best regenerating ingredient made by adding peptide, an ingredient that strengthens the skin barrier and firmness.

IOPE took an additional step forward by making liposome, an ultra-fine form that is only 1/400th of hair thickness. Liposome can keep 78.2% of Stem III Ampoule. Allanto-Liposome ™ is the essence from 20 years of research that allows allanto complex to be delivered deep and fast into the skin.






Intense aging care


Strengthening of skin barrier

If you are suffering from lack of sleep

One of the fastest way to regenerate skin is to sleep well. It is told that healthy adults need to sleep for 8 hours, but it is extremely difficult for talented, earnest, and busy 30-40 women in the contemporary world to sleep 8 hours.

IOPE conducted an experiment to verify the effects of regeneration ampoule by reflecting such lifestyle of 30-40 women. As a result of reducing sleep of women from 8 hours to less than 5 hours and using Stem III Ampoule, all conditions such as moisture on skin, oil, transparency, firmness, and skin barrier were equivalent or superior compared to 8 hours of sleep.

The magical effects of IOPE Stem III Ampoule, which make our skin appear to have slept for 3 more hours a day, 21 more hours a week, and 1,025 more hours a year, were proved.

5 hours of sleep

Skin needs more time of sleep

5 hours of sleep + Stem Ⅲ

Skin that feels as pleasant as if it slept deeply for 8 hours

Functional yet mild

There is a preconception that functional cosmetic products use ingredients too strong. It may have been true for anti-aging products in the past. However, Stem III Ampoule is free of this concern because IOPE put efforts into making a concentrated, functional, yet irritation-free product.

First, IOPE prescribed effective regenerative ingredients similar to medicine, safe and free of irritation. IOPE removed any ingredients that can irritate skin and only extracted active ingredients. Besides clean ingredients, IOPE made a product safe for skin that reacts sensitively to small irritants by completing hypoallergenic test, eye irritation test, and dermatology test.

Hypoallergenic test

Eye irritation test

Dermatology test

Chapter 4


Real Review of Stem III Customers

Power of an ampoule drop

“I would like to buy Stem III. Where can I find it?”

Can you believe that a brand has been over 10 years that the product was discontinued, yet people are still looking for it? Stem III of Amorepacific launched in 1984 was an innovative anti-aging product that changed the spectrum of the skincare market.

Stem III was named after the plant stem. This brand represents research on cell activation and regeneration, which are similar to the stem of plants. Stem III combined the most advanced technologies of Amorepacific at the time.

We offered the best aging solution of the time by analyzing real skin concerns of women in the 80s. Without engaging in advertisements and marketing activities, we conducted active sampling events for consumers to experience the product. Upon launching, the brand became popular among women and was depicted as a longevity brand. Stem III Ampoule is a product that originated from the brand spirit of Stem III, which signified t he metaphor of Amorepacific’s skin research.

Effects of Stem III CASE INTERVIEW that satisfy all users

Stem III Ampoule is an anti-aging, skin regeneration ampoule for 30-40 customers who want to hold onto ‘time’ flowing faster as they age, looking for light and functional skincare.

Based on a survey of IOPE on 30-40 women, about 11% of anti-aging product users responded that they have an experience of using Stem III Ampoule. About 64.4% of users were satisfied with the product, and over 70% of women aged 40 years or above experiencing intense aging were satisfied.

Customers who used the product before showed satisfaction about a variety of areas, saying that “Skin has improved,” “I am extremely satisfied with the product,” “Skin feels healthy,” “Skin texture is sleek and glossy,” “Skin has healthy gloss,” “Irritated skin has improved,” and “Skincare products absorb well in the next step.”


“I work in three shifts, so I always feel like I don’t have enough sleep. I bought this product after seeing the description that it makes my skin appear to have slept for 3 more hours. I like how it can put on basic care and makeup without getting cakey on the day after sleeping poorly.”

34 years old, nurse

“I started anti-aging care in the early 20s because I used many cosmetic products. Stem III was trustworthy because its advertisement does not have a model. I could see the strong image of a functional product from its development history and design. Having used the product, it is functional and without trouble. I love how this product smears into skin without irritation after rolling for about 30 seconds to a minute. The tight feeling comes very soon.”

30 years old, office worker

“I have been using it ever since my high school daughter bought me as a birthday present. It is an anti-aging ampoule instead of essence or serum., but still has a nice price below 100,000 won. I am very content with the excellent cost-effectiveness. I recommend people around me to use this product because I hear more compliments about skin beauty nowadays than when I was young.”

45 years old, housewife