What is the #1 skin concern among women in their 20s-30s?

“Concerns regarding skin firmness that appear in our 30s”

Pores | wrinkles | reduced firmness


2017 Skin Report for Women in Korea | Life & Antiaging


PART1 Lifestyle of women in their 30s

PART2 Skin for women in their 30s

PART3 Antiaging for women in their 30s

Women in their 30s talk about lifestyle and anti-aging.

Skin Measurements

Measurements from 2,141 women in their 20s-30s as measured and analyzed by IOPE Bio Lab.

In-depth Group Interview

4 groups of women in their 30s who understand skincare and firmness care

Interview with Professionals

3 professionals regarding the skin and lifestyle of women

Representative Jae-Eun Lee of WLIFESCHOOL, Representative Eun-Jeong Bae of Taehwasun Antiaging Center, Head Researcher Hyeon Chae of IOPE Bio Lab

PART 1 Lifestyle of women in their 30s

Women in their 30s are smart shoppers, ambitious career women, pursue natural, unique beauty, health, and inner values, and endlessly push themselves forward.

Lifestyle of women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s

For women, their 30s are when they must enhance their individuality through consistent self-improvement.



Fresh and lovely

I am beautiful exactly as I am.



I know exactly how to let my beauty shine without trying so hard.

Pursuing my unique style

Consistently taking care of myself through meticulous self-care

Working hard to get my pre-pregnancy body back



I know more about the world, but I never let go of my purity.

Aura and elegance

Expert Interview

What do experts think about the lifestyle of women in their 30s?

Representative Jae-Eun Lee of WLIFESCHOOL

Women in their 30s tend of have high self-esteem. They take care of themselves, express themselves, and love themselves.

They have a strong desire to express themselves. After having children, they are highly determined to return back to their old selves.

Women in their 30s have strong preferences and don’t like being the same as everyone else.

Rather than following a single, daily routine, they select restaurants that they love, bags that they made with their own hands, and things that are perfectly in line with their tastes.

Women in their 30s don’t want to be workaholics, but want to do something they love.

Rather than being part of a big organization, they want to work freely as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur in a field of interest.

PART 2 Skin for women in their 30s

Starting from our late 20s, we begin to experience dryness, blemishes, pore issues, wrinkles, reduced firmness, and other detailed signs of aging. Changes in the area around our eyes, both cheeks, or the so-called “ribbon zone”, are characteristic of the skin of people in their 30s.

Bio Lab Questionnaire Results

How do skin concerns change every year for women in their 30s?

“Compared to 2014, people listed wrinkles and firmness much more in 2015.”

5.4% increase in wrinkle concerns, 3.1% increase in firmness concerns

As our exposure to harmful environments increases due to stress and environmental pollution, our awareness of skin concerns related to aging has increased.

What is the #1 skin concern among women in their 20s-30s?

“Concerns regarding skin firmness that appear in our 30s”

Pores | wrinkles | reduced firmness

What are the characteristics of aging that appear on skin for women in their 30s?

Skin related aging concerns for women in their 30s were concentrated on the area around the eyes and both cheeks (ribbon zone). The ribbon zone is the area of our face that stands out the most, and signs of aging may bring about psychological distress.

Physical Barriers

cheek area

Degree of concern in 30s age group: High

Emotional Barriers

Stands out the most in the face and is our direct line of sight.

Area where pores are most visible.

If the ribbon zone isn’t firm, it leads to concerns regarding dull skin.

melanin value

dullness value

GOOD, Cheek firmness are considered above average.

0.5325 0.0446

BAD, Cheek firmness are considered below average.

0.5399 0.0497

Expert Interview

What do experts think about firmness of skin for women in their 30s?

Head Researcher Hyeon Choi of IOPE Lab

The two inflection points where we experience a drop in skin firmness in our life is at 35 years old and 56 years old.

On average, firmness rapidly decreases at 35 years old and 56 years old. The important thing is that we must be aware of what changes we will be facing at these two inflection points to actively counteract against reduced firmness.

PART 3 Anti-aging for women in their 30s

In preparation of their 40s and in an effort to live a more beautiful life as radiant women in their 30s, Korean women have immersed themselves in antiaging care.

What is anti-aging for women in their 30s?

Aging is a natural phenomenon, but it can still be slowed down through anti-aging care.

The start of ant-iaging starts in our 30s after we have children.

Anti-aging means to go back to our original selves as well as maintaining ourselves!

“The start of ant-iaging is in our 30s! We can start now to prevent sudden aging in our 40s.”

Anti-aging that starts in our 40s is the same as running after a flight you just missed.

Expert Interview

Words from Anti-aging Experts

Representative Eun-Jeong Bae from Taehwasun Antiaging Center

True anti-aging is to change our lifestyle habits.

You must begin anti-aging from a young age. That means you have to have take care of your body consistently through balanced meals, regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and meticulous skincare.

It’s important to become beautiful little by little, everyday. (24-hour daily, habitual care)

In your 30s, which is when aging begins and work becomes more intense, try to reduce stress and make small plans for self-care. If you become more healthy day by day through healthy lifestyle habits, you’ll become that much more beautiful.